Be a Volunteer Angel!

Retreat Team Angels

Retreat Team Angels have a retreat weekend commitment plus an additional three to four meetings prior to the retreats. We are looking for:

  • Table leads
  • Counselors
  • Spiritual Director
  • Nurse
  • Background Support
(No previous retreat experience necessary)

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Support Angels

Support Angels help with retreat preparation, mailings, transportation, fundraising events efforts and more. You help us keep our ministry running smoothly!

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Ambassador Angels

Ambassador Angels are representatives for their oraganization, Parish, and/or college campus. They help to get retreat information out through their organization’s communication methods.

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Prayer Angels

Prayer Angels lifts up GRM in prayer! You can get involved as a Prayer Angel by devoting one hour of prayer during the retreat for the women attending, commit to daily or weekly prayer for our retreat teams formation, and/or prayer for us during our twice a year fundraising campaigns.

2024 Retreat Prayer Angels Needed!


Food Angels

Food Angels provide love and support through making or purchasing food for our Elizabeth Support group meetings, education classes, and/or meals for our new moms.

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“I can only hope the retreatants got as much out of being there as I did.”

-September 2022 Team Member