About Our Retreats

Gabriel’s Retreats are specifically designed for any momma facing unexpectedness in her pregnancy or new motherhood. Whatever is making her pregnancy unexpected, the timing, the spacing, the number expected, a maternal diagnosis, a fetal diagnose, or any other difficult life circumstances, we are here to love and support her through it

Our no-cost retreats are open to any pregnant or new mom (up to 1 year postpartum), 18 years or older regardless of her faith, marital status, or pregnancy situation. 

All Retreats Include:

  • An environment of love and support
  • All private rooms
  • All meals
  • Walking trails
  • Counselor & spiritual direction available, if desired
  • Transportation available within 90 minutes of the retreat center, if needed
  • Infants under 1 welcome to come with Mom

All retreats run from 6pm the first day until 4pm the concluding day.

(Participation in retreat activities is at each retreatant’s comfort level and the only required activity is the introduction on the first night )

What women are saying about Gabriel’s Retreat

 “It was such a great experience and everyone made me feel super welcome and accepted! I really appreciated all of the hard work you put into this weekend to make it so special. You are really making a difference and I appreciate all of the support and love I have received, you have no idea how much of an impact this weekend had on me.”  

-September Retreatant

“I found a lot of peace this weekend.” –

-September Retreatant

“Thanks to Gabriel’s Retreat and all the unconditional love, support, guidance, and resources I’ve received, I look forward to this journey of motherhood and life itself with my head held high in hope and confidence, my heart trusting and true, and faith stronger than ever” 

-June Retreatant

Upcoming Retreats

You Are Welcome Here!

You are welcome here

Whatever your journey

Whatever your struggle

Young, unmarried, finishing school

Married with little ones

And just overwhelmed

Later in life

When you thought you were done

Any reason at all

You are welcome here

Any reason at all

That made this pregnancy an unexpected journey

You are welcome here